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The primary foramina in the skull include the optic foramen, supraorbital foramen, foramen magnum, foramina of cribriform plate, and foramen rotundum (3). The optic foramen lies in the sphenoid and facilitates the passage of the ophthalmic artery and nerve from the optic canal into the orbit (4). The supraorbital foramen occupies the frontal bone (5). This foramen allows the passage of the supraorbital vein, artery, and nerve into the orbit. Meanwhile, the foramen magnum occupies the. The foramen rotundum (FR) is a short canal in the greater sphenoid wing at the skull base inferior to the superior orbital fissure. It connects the middle cranial fossa and the intracranial compartment with the pterygopalatine fossa (PPF) anteriorly [ 1 , 2 ] Foramen rotundum The foramen rotundum is one of the several circular apertures (the foramina ) located in the base of the skull , in the anterior and medial part of the sphenoid bone . The mean area of the foramina rotunda is not considerable, which may suggest that they play a minor role in the dynamics of blood circulation in the venous system of the head A peanut-shaped foramen (arrow) is seen lateral to foramen rotundum (arrowhead). the foramen rotundum, we, like Sondheimer, be­ lieve this structure transmits emissary veins. Be­ cause this variant is commonly seen on CT, we propose that a name be established for it and suggest the term inferior rotunda/ canal

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  1. (A) CT scout view is utilized to help localize foramen rotundum in patients. Characteristics of the scanogram include semi-coronal position, orientation parallel to the plane connecting external acoustic pore and ipsilateral maxillary third molar bone. (B) The CT scan that captured simultaneously the foramen rotundum and its external and internal openings was used to design needle puncture route. Note that the white dots on the left top maxillary surface are transactional view of.
  2. Methods: Paranasal computed tomography (CT) scans of adults without sinonasal pathology were included. On axial cuts, the anteroposterior distances from the SPF to maxillary line, anterior head of the middle turbinate, basal lamella of the middle turbinate, choanal arch, and posterior fontanel of the maxillary sinus ostium were measured. While on coronal cuts, the vertical distances from the SPF to the nasal floor was measured. The registered measurements were then studied and statistically.
  3. a) located in the base of the skull, in the anterior and medial part of the sphenoid bone
  4. Many vital anatomical structures are related to the sphenoid sinus including vidian canal (VC) and foramen rotundum (FR). The sphenoid bone is formed of body, lesser and greater wings and paired pterygoid process (PP). The medial and lateral PP are caudal perpendicular extension from the sphenoid sinus body
  5. Tumor can reach the pterygopalatine fossa and then extend intracranially via the foramen rotundum. Such spread can enlarge the osseous foramen. Of equal importance is the obliteration of the fat through which the tumor must pass as it approaches the skull base. Obliteration of the fat in the pterygopalatine fossa is a key finding 1-5]. Fat pads at the openings of more peripheral canals and.
  6. al nerve through foramen rotundum (FR). With this technique, we have conducted a study of 27 patients with isolated V2 TN. We hypothesize that this new technique will have comparable clinical outcome with the conventional FO approach
  7. Type I - Complete foramen rotundum lies within the sinus cavity. Type II a - Foramen is partially protruding into the sinus cavity. Type II b - Medial part of wall is tangential to the sinus cavity. Type III - Foramen is surrounded on all sides by bone
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Objectives: We report on an optimized CT-guided percutaneous infrazygomatic of maxillary nerve through the foramen rotundum (FR) to treat V2 trigeminal neuralgia (TN) using personalized RFA needles based on patient's individual CT-image parameters. Patients and methods: 176 patients with isolated V2 TN were included. If the entry of the percutaneous needle into the FR canal was blocked by the. Perineural spread occurs commonly along cranial nerves V, III, IV, and VI through foramen rotundum, foramen ovale, superior and inferior orbital fissures. Perineural spread in parotid malignancies occurs along the facial nerve via stylomastoid foramen. Perineural spread along the cranial nerves IX, X, XI, and XII with intracranial extension occurs along the jugular foramen and hypoglossal canal The left foramen rotundum is widened on the CT ( dashed arrow in F ). Paranasal sinus malignancies comprise only 0.2% of all malignancies, with 80% occurring in the maxillary sinuses. Primary sphenoid sinus neoplasms are extremely rare, accounting for only 1%-2% of paranasal sinus malignancies. Squamous cell carcinoma, sinonasal undifferentiated carcinoma, and adenoid cystic carcinoma may be. OBJECTIVE. Although CT-guided selective percutaneous radiofrequency thermocoagulation (PRFT) via the foramen rotundum (FR) has been used in the clinic as a novel successful treatment for isolated, second division (maxillary nerve [V2]), idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia (ITN), there is only very limited related literature published to date Title: Osseous Anatomy of the Orbital Apex Author: David L. Daniels, Leighton P. Mark, Mahmood F. Mafee, Bruce Massaro, Lloyd E. Hendrix, Katherine A. Shaffer, David.

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100 consecutive CT scans of the paranasal sinuses performed for any cause, were reviewed retrospectively to look for the sphenoid sinus and its anatomical relationship to the foramen rotundum and vidian canal. All the computed tomography scans were performed using Philips Ingenuity 128 slice CT scanner. 3 mm slice contiguous images were taken, and 1 mm slice reconstruction was performed. Postoperative CT imaging revealed that the cerebellar tonsil was back in the normal position, indicating that the preoperative Chiari malformation was possibly due to decreased CSF volume. This current case shows that a rare case of sCSF leak from the foramen rotundum can be effectively repaired using the endoscopic transnasal approach Anatomy of the head on a cranial CT Scan : brain, bones of cranium, sinuses of the face. Coronal Brain CT. Vasculary territories. Dural venous sinuses, Veins, Arteries. Bones of cranium Axial CT. Paranasal sinuses - CT. Cranial base , CT: Foramina, Nasal cavity, Paranasal sinuses. Bones of cranium : Anatomy , CT. Invalid input Foramen rotundum: mit der mittleren Schädelgrube (Fossa cranii media) Foramen sphenopalatinum: mit der Nasenhaupthöhle; Tags: Schädelbasis. Fachgebiete: Kopf und Hals. Wichtiger Hinweis zu diesem Artikel Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 11. Juli 2020 um 22:49 Uhr bearbeitet. Um diesen Artikel zu kommentieren, melde Dich bitte an. Mehr zum Thema. Medizin-Lexikon. Fossa pterygopalatina.

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  1. When available, a CT scan can help confirm the diagnosis of a pseudolesion of the petrous apex and prevent unnecessary surgical intervention. The petrous temporal bone also contains the carotid canal. The jugular foramen is located between the petrous and mastoid portions of the temporal bone and the occipital bone, and carries the jugular bulb, which is the transition between the sigmoid.
  2. al neuralgia (TN) using personalized RFA needles based on patient's individual CT-image parameters. Patients and methods: 176 patients with isolated V2 TN were included. If the entry of the percutaneous needle into the FR canal was blocked by.
  3. foramen rotundum, foramen lacerum, optic canal, pterygo palatine fissure, superior orbital fissure, and pterygoid canal). Images for this section: Page 3 of 17 Fig. 1 Fig. 2. Page 4 of 17 Fig. 3 Fig. 4. Page 5 of 17 Fig. 5 Fig. 6. Page 6 of 17 Fig. 7 Fig. 8. Page 7 of 17 Fig. 9 Fig. 10. Page 8 of 17 Fig. 11 Fig. 12. Page 9 of 17 Fig. 13 Fig. 14. Page 10 of 17 Fig. 15 Fig. 16. Page 11 of 17 Fig.
  4. ed by using horizontal level measurements, axial and coronal.
  5. al nerve, CN V) passes through this foramen.. Foramen Ovale. The foramen ovale is another opening located at the base of.
  6. Optic Foramen and Orbital Fissures1 2 3 7. CT of Middle Cranial Fosse SOF Foramen Rotundum Foramen ovale Foramen spinosum Foramen lacerum 8. Vidian Canal 9. Carotid Canal 10. CT of Posterior Cranial FosseJugular foramen Hypoglossal canal 11. Hypoglossal Cana
  7. directly identified on CT images by using sagittal Figure 2. Detailed skull base anatomy. (a) Coronal CT image: 1 = anterior clinoid process, 2 = optic canal, 3 = planum sphenoidale, 4 = sphenoid sinus, 5 = foramen rotundum, 6 = vidian canal, 7 = middle cranial fossa (MCF), 8 = nasal cavity

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Introduction: The aim of this study was to evaluate vidian canal (VC) and foramen rotundum (FR) and their anatomical relationships with adjacent structures using computed tomography (CT) in a Turkish subpopulation.Material and Methods: CT images of 150 patients were retrospectively evaluated. Various morphometric measurements (distance from FRs to midline, distance from FR to VC, position and. Maxillary branch which passes through the foramen rotundum; Mandibular branch which passes through the foramen ovale ; VI Abducens nerve: enters the orbit through the superior orbital fissure between the middle and anterior fossae. VII Facial nerve: enters the petrous temporal bone via the internal auditory meatus and emerges from the external surface of the skull base through the stylomastoid. Read CT ‐Guided Percutaneous Infrazygomatic Radiofrequency Neurolysis Through Foramen Rotundum to Treat V 2 Trigeminal Neuralgia, Pain Medicine on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips

of right-sided facial symptoms is due to the foramen rotundum and foramen ovale being narrower on the right side of the cranium. Med Hypotheses 2005;65(06):1179-1182 10 Yanagi S. [Developmental studies on the foramen rotundum, foramen ovale and foramen spinosum of the human sphenoid bone]. Hokkaido Igaku Zasshi 1987;62(03):485-496 11 Lang J, Maier R, Schafhauser O. [Postnatal enlargement. According to the CT images, the supraorbital foramen of the patients was categorized as holes (hole group) or notches (notch group). The patient characteristics, including Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) score and effective treatment rates before and 1 d, 0.5 y, 1 y, and 2 y after operation, and numbness degree at day 1 and 2 y after the operation were compared. The short- and long-term. Objectives: We report on an optimized CT-guided percutaneous infrazygomatic of maxillary nerve through the foramen rotundum (FR) to treat V2 trigeminal neuralgia (TN) using personalized RFA needles based on patient's individual CT-image parameters. Patients and methods: 176 patients with isolated V2 TN were included OBJECTIVE Although CT-guided selective percutaneous radiofrequency thermocoagulation (PRFT) via the foramen rotundum (FR) has been used in the clinic as a novel successful treatment for isolated, second division (maxillary nerve [V2]), idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia (ITN), there is only very limited related literature published to date. This report aims to provide more detail for physicians.

Keywords: foramen of Vesalius; CT scans; subjects; mean diameter INTRODUCTION There are many foramina on the floor of the middle cranial fossa, which are important because they allow the passage of essential structures such as nerves and blood vessels. The permanent apertures of the sphenoid bone are foramen rotundum, foramen ovale, and foramen spinosum, whereas the foramen of Vesalius (FV. Coronal CT shows the foramen rotundum (pink arrows), the vidian canals (blue arrows) and the base of the pterygoid process (green arrow). VIDIAN CANAL (Fig.7-8). Situated in the base of the pterygoid plates below the foramen rotundum in the sphenoid bone, it connects the PPF anteriorly with the superior portion of the foramen lacerum posteriorly. It transmits the vidian artery, a branch of the.

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The foramen spinosum is a hole located in the greater wing of the sphenoid. was observed in the eighth month after birth and the latest seven years after birth in a developmental study of the foramen rotundum, foramen ovale and foramen spinosum. The majority of the foramina in the skull studies were round in shape. The sphenomandibular ligament, derived from the first pharyngeal arch and. Fig. 11: 77 year old presented with left V2 palsy Axial CT with soft tissue windows (top left) demonstrates infiltrative soft tissue involving the left PPF Axial (top right) and coronal (bottom right) post-contrast T1WI demonstrate infiltration of left PPF with perineural spread along foramen rotundum (straight arrow) with extensive involvement of Meckel's cave (curved arrow). Axial CT in bone. 34 — artery of foramen lacerum. Typically very small branch, extending between the superior division of the pharyngeal trunk of the ascending pharyngeal artery (51) and the cavernous ICA. Classically connects to the ILT (2). Usual supply is from the ascending pharyngeal, however as we always say it is a network, so supply can be visualized from either AP or ICA Read papers from the keyword Foramen rotundum with Read by QxMD CT OF THE FORAMEN OF VESALIUS 1203 B c A, High-resolution CT scan through skull base in woman with posttraumatic carotid cavernous fistula shows asymmetric enlargement of left foramen of Vesalius (straight arrow) compared with right foramen. Anatomy of the face and neck (CT) - interactive atlas of human anatomy using cross-sectional imaging This head and neck anatomic atlas is an educational.

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It originates as the second division of the trigeminal ganglion in the cranial cavity, travels through the foramen rotundum, and enters the pterygopalatine fossa. At the pterygopalatine fossa, the maxillary nerve (V2) gives rise to the zygomatic nerve , the posterior superior alveolar nerve , and two ganglionic branches, while its main trunk continues into the inferior orbital fissure as the. Foramen rotundum; Canalis palatovaginalis (pharyngealis) Canalis pterygoideus; Fossa cranii media; Nasopharynx; Fossa cranii media und Foramen lacerum; Inhalt. In der Fossa pterygopalatina liegen folgende anatomische Strukturen: Ganglion pterygopalatinum (mit Verbindung zum Nervus maxillaris) der dritte Abschnitt der Arteria maxillaris (pars pterygopalatina) Nerv im Canalis pterygoideus (N. assessed the correlation between CT measurements and those taken from dissections of the temporal bone. In the following study, anatomical and CT measure­ ments, including length, breadth and height of optic canals, superior orbital fissure, foramen rotundum, foramen ovale, foramen spinosum, foramen Vesaii

In addition, 5 foramen exist: the sphenopalatine canal medially, the pterygopalatine canal inferiorly, and 3 from the posterior wall. The posterior foramens are the foramen rotundum, pterygoid canal, and pharyngeal canal. The former is unique in that it cannot be visualized with either CT or MRI The pterygopalatine fossa is a bilateral, cone-shaped depression extending deep from the infratemporal fossa all the way to the nasal cavity via the sphenopalatine foramen.. It is located between the maxilla, sphenoid and palatine bones, and communicates with other regions of the skull and facial skeleton via several canals and foramina. Its small volume combined with the numerous structures. Foramen rotundum Frontal sinus Crista galli Sella turcica Uncinate Pterygoid hamulus Maxillary sinus ostium Medial pterygoid plate . 2 Figure 3: Bony anatomy in cadaver Figure 4 illustrates the coronal anatomy at the level of the anterior extent of a total maxillectomy. Specifically note the lacri-mal sac, which is transected at surgery in the lacrimal fossa, and the relative heights of the. Foramen rotundum synonyms, Foramen rotundum pronunciation, Foramen rotundum translation, English dictionary definition of Foramen rotundum. n. pl. fo·ram·i·na or fo·ra·mens An opening or orifice, as in a bone or in the covering of the ovule of a plant. fo·ram′i·nal , fo·ram′i·nous adj

1-Pterygopalatine fossa. 2-Maxillary sinus. 3-Great wing of sphenoid. 4-Inferior orbital fissure. 5-Foramen rotundum. 6-Pterygomaxillary fissure. 7-Palatine bone. 8-Vidian canal. 9-Foramen lacerum. 10-Carotid canal. 11-Foramen ovale. 12-Foramen of Vesalius. 13-Anterior genu of the facial canal. 14-Shenopalatine foramen. 15-Internal auditive conduct This video provides a walkthrough of the foramen of the skull (cranial foramina), including the cranial nerves that pass through each foramen. See the writte.. sphenoid sinus, foramen rotundum and vidian canal: Few studies used thin-cut (1mm) CT data to study the pneumatization of lateral sphenoid or pterygoid recess.2,3 The emergence of endoscopic skull base surgery as an accepted surgical modality over the past years has led to new challenges with respect to gaining a better under- standing of the endonasal anatomy of the area. As such, new. Foramen rotundum beiderseits (Pfeile) (1 p.) From: Brossmann et al.: Freyschmidt's Köhler/Zimmer Grenzen des Normalen und Anfänge des Pathologischen in der Radiologie des kindlichen und erwachsenen Skeletts (2000

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A lateral CT image showing the position of the needle in foramen rotundum. CT = computed tomography. CT = computed tomography. After positioning of the needle was confirmed, the radiofrequency probe was removed, 0.3 mL of 2% lidocaine was slowly injected through the needle, and patients were monitored for 3 to 10 minutes until the pain along the maxillary branch was replaced by a feeling of. Prior to entering the foramen rotundum, V 2 gives off the middle meningeal nerve which enters the foramen spinosum. Within the pterygopalatine fossa , V 2 divides into its terminal branches: zygomatic, greater palatine, lesser palatine, nasopalatine, posterior-superior alveolar, and infraorbital nerves Annotated image - Normal CT facial bones (with labels) Axial bone window foramen rotundum; concha bullosa; middle nasal turbinate (concha) temporal process of the zygomatic bone; internal auditory (acoustic) canal; sphenopalatine foramen; pterygomaxillary fissure; sphenoid sinus; carotid canal; maxillary sinus (antrum) zygomatic process of the temporal bone; mandibular condyle. The labeled structures are (excluding the correct side): mastoid air cells temporomandibular joint head of the mandible mandibular (glenoid) fossa of the temporal bone squamous portion of the frontal bone frontozygomatic suture external au..

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The labeled structures are (excluding the correct side): nasal bone nasal vestibule internasal suture anterior nasal spine nasal process of the maxilla frontal sinus frontonasal suture nasomaxillary suture anterior nasal aperture (pyrifo.. Beim Menschen ist auch das Foramen rotundum im großen Keilbeinflügel abgrenzbar. Es beinhaltet den Nervus maxillaris (ein weiterer Hauptast des 5. Hirnnerven). Am hintersten Ende des großen Keilbeinflügels liegt das Foramen spinosum, das beim Menschen, bei Pferden und Hunden dem Eintritt der Arteria meningea media in die Schädelhöhle dient Labeled anatomy of the head and skull of the dog on CT imaging (bones of cranium, brain, face, paranasal sinus, muscles of head) This module of vet-Anatomy presents an atlas of the anatomy of the head of the dog on a CT. Images are available in 3 different planes (transverse, sagittal and dorsal), with two kind of contrast (bone and soft tissues)

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PPF - foramen rotundum = connection with meckel's cave, cav sinus, since we've mentioned it a few times now and b/c contains a lot of key elements: Cav sinus- read slide. V2- lateral wall of CS- then to foramen rotundum V1- lateral wall of cav sinus- then to superior orbital fissure, along with CN III, IV, V RESULTS: The foramen rotundum had a constant appearance. We identified the inferior rotundal canal in 16% of patients and the lateral rotundal canal in 8%. The foramen of Vesalius was present, at least unilaterally, in 80% of our cases. Asymmetry of the foramen of Vesalius did not indicate disease in our patient group. We did not find an. Der Oberkieferast verlässt durch ein Loch an der Unterseite des Schädels (Foramen rotundum) den Schädel und zieht Richtung Oberkiefer, wo er sich in seine Endäste aufteilt. Der Unterkieferast zieht zusammen mit den motorischen Fasern zum Unterkiefer und gibt dort die Endäste ab. Da der Nervus trigeminus ein sehr großer Nerv ist und deshalb einen Großteil des Kopfes mit Nervenfasern.

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  1. Spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid (sCSF) leak from the skull base has been previously reported, but there are few reports of sCSF leak from the foramen rotundum due to its rare occurrence. This case.
  2. al neuralgia (ITN) and assess the appropriate puncture angle through the anterior coronoid process to reach the FR
  3. al nerve passes through this foramen rotundum. 3. Foramen.
  4. A koponyabasis CT metszeti anatómiája - Rövid anatómiai ismétlés Dr. Gáti Georgina Országos Klinikai Idegtudományi Intézet . Csontok és varratok 1. Sutura serrata. Csontok és varratok 2. Sutura squamosa Sutura plana. Csontok és varratok 3. Koponyagödrök. Canalis opticus -n. opticus Foramen rotundum-n.maxillaris Foramen ovale- n. mandibularis Canalis caroticus Foramen spinosum.

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Background: The computed tomography (CT)-guided radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of the maxillary nerve (V2) via foramen rotundum (FR) approach has been reported to offer the highest rates of pain relief in V2 trigeminal neuralgia (TN). However, the access to FR may be obstructed by the greater wing of the sphenoid bone DOI: 10.4103/JASI.JASI_56_20 Introduction: The aim of this study was to evaluate vidian canal (VC) and foramen rotundum (FR) and their anatomical relationships with adjacent structures using computed tomography (CT) in a Turkish subpopulation.Material and Methods: CT images of 150 patients were retrospectively evaluated. Various morphometric measurements (distance from FRs to midline, distance. (A) Non-enhanced axial and (B) off sagittal >coronal multiplanar reconstruction CT images through the cryoablation probe (arrow) obtained at the end of the freeze cycle showing ice formation (arrowheads) extending adjacent to the foramen rotundum. (C) Non-enhanced axial CT image showing placement of a second cryoprobe (arrow) with ice ball (arrowhead) in contact with the foramen ovale Only foramen rotundum left exceeded 1.0 mm, with a mean range of 1.03 mm in the vertical (z) coordinate. Foramen rotundum was difficult to identify by using volumetric slices of the 3D CBCT images; thus, the volumetric 3D image (Fig 6) was used. Since in this image it is difficult to locate the end of the canal representing foramen rotundum, it was decided to place the landmark on its border. The maxillary nerve enters the PPF through the foramen rotundum and remains superolateral to the ganglion to give rise to its zygomatic branch while continuing to the infraorbital groove as the infraorbital nerve. 4 During its anterolateral course, the infraorbital nerve constitutes an important surgical landmark that defines the PPF (medial) from the infratemporal fossa (lateral). Neural rami.

Coronal CT scan at the level of sphenoid sinus showing the critical structures neighboring the sinuses. ON, optic nerve; ICA, the cavernous segment of internal carotid artery; FR, foramen rotundum.. nonvisible foramen rotundum may give an early indication for the regional tumors. Methods: In the present study, foramen rotundum was visualized as a round structure with prominent sclerotic margins locat-ed near ethmoid cells, maxillary sinus or orbital cavity in X ray images. X-rays (radiographs) of 17 dry skulls and 7 half dry skulls were performed with Phillips Digital Diagnost X-Ray.

In the wing, there are also three foramina- foramen rotundum, foramen ovale and foramen spinosum. Through these openings, nerves and arteries pass in the cranial cavity. The lesser wing of sphenoidal bone separates the anterior and medial cranial fossa and form the lateral border of the optic canal [3]. Development . The foramen spinosum size in adults is around 2.56mm long and 2.1 mm wide. In. Is There a Relationship Between Optic Canal, Foramen Rotundum, and Vidian Canal? View 0 peer reviews of Is There a Relationship Between Optic Canal, Foramen Rotundum, and Vidian Canal? on Publons Download Web of Science™ My Research Assistant : Bring the power of the Web of Science to your mobile device, wherever inspiration strikes METHODS: Computed tomographic (CT) images of 320 adult subjects and 640 sides (right and left) were used. Paranasal sinus dimensions, optic canal (OC), foramen rotundum (FR), vidian canal (VC), bilateral FR (FRFR), bilateral vidian canal (VCVC), VC-foramen rotundum (VCFR), and VC-optic canal (VCOC) distances were measured Radiation dose is a key factor in CT, which should not be underestimated. Thus, in this study, we examined the question of how radiation dose in the CT of the nose and the paranasal sinuses can be reduced while still maintaining a clinically good and, satisfactory picture quality. The aim of this study was to find an optimal range of technical parameters that would allow, from a clinical. Figure 97-9 CT. Base of skull. Thin-section (1.5-mm) slice showing the important foramina at the skull base. cc = carotid canal, fo = foramen ovale, fl = foramen lacerum, fr = foramen rotundum, fs = foramen spinosum, fv = vidian canal, jf = jugular foramen, spf = sphenopalatine foramen

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scan demonstrates the foramen ovale (arrow). (f) Coronal CT scan demonstrates the foramen rotundum (FR), optic nerve canal (ON), superior orbital fissure (SOP), and vidian canal (VC) Foramen ovale. Das Foramen ovale ist eine knöcherne Öffnung an der Schädelbasis, durch welche der Nervus mandibularis hindurch zieht. In der Neurochirurgie ist das Foramen ovale insbesondere für die Ballonkompression bei der Trigeminusneuralgie relevant, da dieses als Zugang zum Ganglion gasseri verwendet werden kann.. Der Durchmesser des Foramen ovale beträgt ca. 4,6 mm in einer.

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Foramen Lacerum Picture 1: Floor of the cranial cavity showing various parts including the Foramen lacerum, Optic foramen, Foramen rotundum, Foramen ovale, Internal auditory meatus, Jugular foramen, Foramen magnum, Occipital bone, Parietal bone, Petrous portion of temporal bone, Sella turcica, Temporal bone, Sphenoid bone, Frontal bone, Cribriform plate (Ethmoid bone) and Crista galli Further imaging included computed tomographic (CT) scan that revealed an osseous defect between the roof of the left sphenoid sinus and the floor of the left middle cranial fossa, immediately adjacent to the foramen rotundum a, b, c. Magnetic resonance imaging ((MRI) revealed fluid buildup in the left sphenoid sinus a, b, c. The elevated risk of meningitis and worsening symptoms and signs. Foramen of Vesalius: Constant or variable foramen Vezalijusov otvor - stalan ili nestalan otvor Maletin Miloš a , Vuković Miloš b , Marić Dušica c , Jeremić Dimitrije d , Petrović Kosta The foramen spinosum plays a role in connecting the infratemporal fossa with the middle cranial fossa along with other foramina like foramen ovale and foramen rotundum. The neurovasculature passing the through foramen spinosum includes the middle meningeal artery, the mandibular branch of the mandibular nerve or the nervus spinosus, and the middle meningeal vein. The middle meningeal artery. The Presence of Clival Foramen Through Multidetector Computed Tomography of the Skull Base more by Mikail Inal and Faik Ozveren Technological advancements in the diagnostic radiology recently permitted reviewing the normal anatomy through multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) imagination

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