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Wantz is O'aka XXIII 's brother. Speak to him to purchase any items that you need. He sells a very strong weapon for Lulu called Booster Cactuar (abilities include Magic Booster, Magic +10% and Magic +5%) and a great weapon for Rikku called Survivor (Alchemy and Strength +10% with two additional customizable ability slots) FF X Komplettlösung: Besteigung des Mount Gagazet, Begegnung mit Wantz, Gelegenheit zum Training, Zwischenszene, Bossgegner: Seymour Flux If you've met Wantz at Gagazet, you will be able to visit him again at postgame. He's in Macalania Woods, riiiight at the entrance, literally on the edge just before the Thunder Plains. But don't worry, the best gear is all crafted. Store-bought doesn't hold a candle Wantz is O'aka XXIII 's younger brother in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. He appears at seemingly random times in the game to take pictures of Yuna. Later on, Wantz takes over his brother's business as a merchant. According to the Final Fantasy X Ultimania Omega, Wantz is 22 years old during Final Fantasy X Der Berg Gagazet ist ein Berg in Final Fantasy X und Final Fantasy X-2. Er liegt im Norden Spiras und ist die Heimat der Ronso und ihres Blitzballteams, den Ronso Fangs. Der Zugang zum Gebirge befindet sich im Nordosten der Stillen Ebene

Since you dealt with Wantz on Mt. Gagazet you should be able to find him in Macalania. He appears near the exit from the Macalania Wood into Thunder Plains. He will appear before you fight Sin Alle Final Fantasy X Monster aus dem Gebiet: Berg Gagazet Liste des objets vendus dans le magasin Wantz (Mont Gagazet) de Final Fantasy In this video, I will be showing you where Wantz (Oaka´s Brother) is located in Final Fantasy X HD Remastered.. Berg Gagazet. Ahriman findet man auch in [Sins] Innerem. Einige Monster findet man nur in der Berghöhle (z.B. Behemoth und Teufelspudding), außerdem sind die Monster Planschfisch, Acheros und Raging Spike nur im Wasser in der Berghöhle zu finden. Ihr müsst also sicherstellen, dass mindestens einer der Schwimmer (Tidus, Rikku oder Wakka.

Hilfe -> FFX-Wantz. Habe jetzt mal 5 Waffen der Solaris (komplett) und schon ziehmlich viele Monster gefangen, war beim letzen Speicherpunkt des Spiels und Wantz im Macalania Wald ist immer noch nicht da, hat wer ne Ahnung wo der steckt ? Der Thread gehört eigentlich in das FFX Hilfe + Support Forum Use Auron's Armor and Mental Breaks, then have Tidus Provoke him. This way, he'll only use Blast Punch which works like Demi so it won't kill you even at 1 HP. Now bring Lulu in and use Water. FF X Komplettlösung: Kampf gegen Seymour Flux: Taktik, Zwischenszene, Zombie-Angriff und Phoenix Downs, Gagazet, Versammlungsort der Fayth, Traumwelt Zarnakand

FFX: The Best Spots For Grinding & Leveling Up Mount Gagazet. I think Mount Gagazet is best known for the boss fight that takes place here. But we can take the path before the battle to hang back and grind until Wakka or Auron get through as much of their sphere grid as possible (both are great characters to get leveled up). For the battle ahead, it's also wise to grind until you have. @OP: To get Wantz to show up in Macalania you MUST talk to him in mount gagazet on your first trip through. He shows up on the path before the cave. He will then shop up after you have the airship AND you have done the scene with Mika on the Highbridge. If you have missed it then you can get 4-slot empty weapons and armor off random enemy drops inside Sin and in the Omega ruins. However doing. Final Fantasy X HD: Komplettlösung - Vergessene Höhlen über Berg Gagazet bis kurz vor Zanarkand. In der Final Fantasy 10 HD Komplettlösung geleiten wir euch an dieser Stelle über Gagazet bis. Spuckkraut (Kilika-Hain) : 8 für 15.600 Gil. Rotzkraut (Berg Gagazet) : 40 für 80.000 Gil. Küsschen (Illuminum) : 70 für 144.000 Gil. Sandspuckkraut (Bikanel) : 99 für 255.000 Gil Wantz can be found in Macalania Forest near the entrance from the Thunder Plains. He can sell 4 slot armors for 100,000 gil each. You must talk to Wantz during your trip in mount gagazet for him to appear in Macalania Forest

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  1. * Note that O'aka XXIII is replaced by his younger brother, Wantz, later on in the game. ** Wantz will appear in Macalania Woods towards the end of the game but only if you speak to him when you see him along the Mt. Gagazet Trail
  2. If you did not speak with Wantz on Mt. Gagazet, for whatever reason, he will not show up Macalania Woods, and you will not be able to purchase this four slotted equipment. Empty four slotted.
  3. In this vid we have all the Capture Monsters in MT. Gagazet. This is not strategy guide but a locations guide, a quick clip will be shown of the monsters cap..

Besteigung des Mount Gagazet: FF X - Komplettlösung

How do I get Wantz FFX? After talking to Wantz on Gagazet, he will be found at the entrance to Macalania Woods from the Thunder Plains, after obtaining the Fahrenheit, and completing the mandatory visit to Bevelle. How do you break HP limit in FFX? Final Fantasy X Break HP Limit can be customized onto armor by using 30 of the rare Wings to Discovery items. It raises the HP cap from 9,999 to. Area: Gagazet - Mountain Gate and Mountain Trail. 1. Watch the cutscene going down the pathway to Mt. Gagazet. 2. Save your game at the Save Sphere. Then, proceed along the Mt. Gagazet pathway. 3. Before you proceed further, make sure that Kimahri's Sphere Grid is well leveled

21 - Le Mont Gagazet. Vous trouverez dans cette partie de la solution complète de Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, toutes les astuces et conseils pour surmonter les difficultés que vous rencontrerez lors de votre franchissement du Mont Gagazet. Vous trouverez également les informations pour mettre la main sur tous les objets qui s'y trouvent Area: Gagazet - Mountain Cave. 1. Once you are inside the cave, proceed downward and be ready for enemy encounters. 2. If you encounter Dark Flan, make use of Auron's Armor Break and Mental Break or Wakka's Silence Attack or Silence Buster. 3. Once you pass by a Save Sphere, move to the left pathway heading to the northwest FFX: Tempel - Vergessene Höhle. Die Vergessene Höhle liegt unterhalb des Berg Gagazet, erreichbar ist diese über die Stille Ebene, wenn man diese Richtung Berg Gagazet verlässt, hier gibt es einen Pfad, der zum Tal-Grund führt. Ein Tempel ist es in diesem Sinne nicht. Lulu kennt diese Höhle genau, da sie dort bereits einmal war. The caves on Mount Gagazet has a few enemies from the outside portions, but there are plenty of new fiends in here. For Dark Flans, use Armor Break to reduce its defense to nothing, then you can follow up with normal attacks.Behemoths are strong, but can be dispatched with anything.Mandragoras are probably the biggest problem, especially at low health, as Ochu Dance can inflict a variety of.

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Gagazet — Mountain Gate [Biran leaps out and bars path. Kelk approaches.] Kelk: Summoner Yuna and guardians, leave here at once! [Party looks around; Ronso surround them.] Kelk: Gagazet is Ronso land, sacred mountain of Yevon. The mountain will not bear the footsteps of infidels! Biran: Enemy of Yevon is enemy of Ronso! Leave, traitors Along the next path you'll meet Wantz, O'aka's brother. He's got some awesome equipment but sadly a lot of it is far too expensive for you to buy sensibly, and you'll want to keep around 200,000 Gil in reserve for getting Yojimbo from the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth when you get the Airship, which means you can't afford to shell out for all of the stuff he has. Now may also be an excellent time.

Wantz is the younger brother of and apprentice to O'aka XXIII. Contents. 1 Final Fantasy X. 1.1 Shop. 1.1.1 Mt. Gagazet; 1.1.2 Macalania; 2 Final Fantasy X-2; Final Fantasy X . Wantz takes over for O'aka on Mt. Gagazet when O'aka is imprisoned for refusing to turn Yuna in to the Yevon authorities. Shop Mt. Gagazet . Mountain Trail: Item Cost Potion 50 gil Hi-Potion 500 gil Phoenix Down 100 gil. FFX Gagazet Prüfung. FF X Komplett gelöst: Handlung durchgespielt, FAQs zu Spährobrett, Bestias, Blitzball und mehr, Sammelobjekt-Fundorte, Tipps und Tricks: Berg Gagazet #2 Final Fantasy X HD: Komplettlösung - Vergessene Höhlen über Berg Gagazet bis kurz vor Zanarkand.In der Final Fantasy 10 HD Komplettlösung geleiten wir euch an dieser Stelle über Gagazet bis since: Nov 2001. Jan 22, 02 at 9:40am (PST) ^. re: Mt. Gagazet Fiends/Magus Sisters. Here is a list of the monsters in the Mt. Gagazet area that you can capture. There are 12 total. Bandersnatch. Vergessene Grotte. Garkimasera und Nidhog sind auch auf dem Berg Gagazet zu finden. Tomberry ist EXTREM selten! Die höchsten Chancen habt ihr in dem kleinen grünlichen Raum im Osten der Höhle. Hat man alle 9 Monster wenigstens ein Mal gefangen, bietet die Monsterfarm den Don Tonberry an und der Besitzer schenkt euch 40x Silberne Sannduhr als.

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  1. First up for my FFX guides is a guide solely on Kimahri's overdrives. The Ronso can learn enemy abilities by using the Lancet ability on particular monsters. There are 12 for Kimahri to learn in total. Those of you playing the HD Remaster can earn the 'Learning!' trophy by collecting them all. You can actually learn all but one of these moves by Mt Gagazet. The final ability is a little.
  2. 14 - Mont Gagazet. La particularité du déroulement des objectifs annexes de l'Acte 4, c'est que vous devrez utiliser un réseau de Visiosphères en parlant à Shinra (image1). Il est en effet impossible de vous faire déposer où vous voulez, à cause du conflit qui oppose la Ligue des Jeunes et Néo-Yevon fait des ravages
  3. Wantz解释说,他是在这里接他哥哥的班卖东西,而他的哥哥就是可爱的O'aka。O'aka一直以来都在帮助Yuna一行人,但却被寺院指认为帮助叛徒而被捕入狱。O'aka并未因此后悔,还在被抓走前嘱咐自己的弟弟Wantz不要担心他,只需要去帮助Yuna就可以了!(真是好人)Yuna也很感动,问他为什么O'aka对自己.
  4. Solution complète : Mont Gagazet. Votre compagnon Kimahri va devoir faire un combat assez compliqué. Vous pouvez acheter des objets à un des Ronso à droite de l'entrée. Le combat commence, volez l'un des ennemis pour avoir la Sphère Clé n°3, et lancez-vous Booster. Prenez pas mal de potions, vous en aurez besoin
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Caverna del Monte Gagazet . Tras haber derrotado a Seymour en el Sendero del Monte Gagazet y visto el sueño de Tidus, habrás llegado a la Caverna del monte. Avanza hasta grabar la partida y después ve por el camino de la izquierda hasta llegar a una zona con agua en la que sólo podrás ir con Tidus, Wakka y Rikku. En la siguiente zona nada todo recto sin torcer y al salir del agua. FFX. Bearbeiten. Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte Diskussion (0) Kommentare - Pasce - Rin - Shelinda - Twamel - Wantz - Wenh Kinoc - Yenke Ronso - Yeo Mika - Yunalesca: Spira ; Yevon-Tempel Baaj - Insel Besaid - Porta Kilika - Luca - Mi'hen-Straße - Fungus Pass - Djose - Illuminum - Guadosalam - Abyssum - Donnersteppe - Macalania - Insel Bikanel - St. Bevelle - Stille Ebene. Ormi's offense is the same as the last few times you've fought him. He can do a basic Attack and his Pirouette Pitch, each hitting for 200-400 damage to a single target.There's also the annoying Concussive Shock, hitting everyone for around 200 unblockable damage.. Yes, Ormi's noticeably more buffed up than he was in the previous fights, but that's the main difference

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IGN's complete Final Fantasy X walkthrough includes step-by-step instructions for overcoming every challenge in Squares classic RPG A kind of beast that appears in a distant world known as Spira. They are found in the snowy region of Gagazet. These beasts are very powerful and fast, so it is best to face them using fire attacks. It is also advised to defeat them first if they appear with other monsters

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Location: Mt. Gagazet - Bevelle Dear Diary, When we showed up at the entrance to Mt. Gagazet we witnessed an argument between Garik and Kimahri.They went off up the mountain trail so we decided to follow them.It wasn't long before we spotted a full-out brawl between Kimahri and Garik.After they setteled their dispute we decided to take a walk up Mt. Gagazet Part of Auronlu's Final Fantasy X Secrets: FFX help, strategy, tips and guides! Besaid (1 of Each Unlocks Stratoavis) __ Dingo - Need 3 for Fenrir __ Condor - need 5 for Pteryx __ Water Flan - Need 3 for Jumbo Flan. Kilika (1 of Each Unlocks Malboro Menace) __ Dinonix - Need 3 for Ornitholestes __ Killer Bee - need 5 for Hornet __ Yellow Element - Need 3 for Nega Elemental __ Ragora Mi'ihen.

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Ffx Hd 4 Slot Armor Ffx Creating the best armor in Final Fantasy X is a process that involves gathering the raw materials and customizing an empty four slot armor. You can purchase empty armor from O'aka XXIII's brother, Wantz, in the Macalania Woods, but only if you spoke to him on your way past him along the Mt. Gagazet Mountain Trail FFDestiny est un site communautaire recueillant les actualités et diverses informations sur Final Fantasy, mais aussi sur Kingdom Hearts et d'autres RPG. Nous possédons un site, mais également un forum sur lequel vous pourrez partager vos connaissances et vos opinions Informations détaillées sur les monstres de la zone Mont Gagazet de Final Fantasy

Regardez Les Priants du mont Gagazet - Aurélien sur Dailymotio Macalania, Gagazet: 32: Wahnstrahl: hoher[!] Schaden auf alle Gegner: Ultima Weapon, Exodus: Tiefen der Ruine, Geheimes Labyrinth: 70: Nachtbrüller: sehr hoher Schaden auf alle Gegner: Mega-Tomberry [nur im Oversoul!] Geheimes Labyrinth: 80: Stahlgranate: hoher Schaden auf eine Gegner: Baralai: Bevelle, Versiegelte Höhle am Fungus-Pass : 32: Motorkanone: hoher Schaden auf alle Gegner. FFX-2: Die Kaktoren; FFX-2: Die Kaktoren . Themen-Optionen. Druckbare Version zeigen; Thema weiterempfehlen Thema abonnieren Ergebnis 1 bis 20 von 20 25.02.2004 05:56 #1. jazzi. Profil Beiträge anzeigen Neuling FFX-2: Die Kaktoren Huhuz =) Ich suche momentan die Kaktoren und bis jetzt hab ich nur 2 gefunden. Kann mir einer sagen, wo ich die restlichen finde? 25.02.2004 12:40 #2. Zero.1.

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This is my total remake of the 'Mount Gagazet' theme from FFX. 1 2 3. Sort By: Date Score. Markmoonedge 2011-04-06 14:42:47 . The old memories... Are coming back... man was I afraid of going up that mountain... especially the first time I climbed that mountain and when I fought Seymour again for the second there up there... Still gives me the chills of fear from high places. On the side note. ffx was an amazing step-up from graphics but i think this may be my least favorite ff ever here's why: tidus is the most unendingly annoying character/protagonist i can think of the battle system was one of the most irritating since you had to go through the tedious task of rotating every character-then-doing-a-move to make sure they got exp for that round one of the most underwhelming. Regardez FF X - Les Priants du mont Gagazet - Kairi25 sur Dailymotio

web oficial Square enix FF-X; Info del blog » personajes/turbos / » Tidus » Wakka » Yuna » Auron » Lulu » Kimahri » Rikku / jueves, 26 de junio de 2014. Monte Gagazet. Posted on 0:13 by JaviMoreno. BESTIARIO Mal Bernando: Se encuentra en todo el monte Gagazet antes de Seymour. Arimán: Se encuentra en la cueva de Gagazet y en el camino de Zanarkand. Flan oscuro: Se encuentra en la. Von Gegner: Wo? Technik: Basilisk: Djose-Strasse: Perseus-Atem: Behemoth: Berg Gagazet: Totalabwehr: Biran Ronzo: Berg Gagazet: Wirbelkick, Explodieren, Todesurteil.

Seymour au mont Gagazet. Lui, il est balèze!!! Je n'ai pas trouvé de véritable technique pour le battre, mais je peux vous donner quelques conseils. Tout d'abord, avant d'aller le battre, chargez les overdrives de toutes vos chimères. Puis mettez des protections contre zombie, et faites une provision d'eau bénite. Ce qu'il y a d'utile à savoir, c'est que Seymour tue la chimère après sa. Guide. Ici débute le guide de Final Fantasy X. Il suit le fil du jeu en incluant tous les détails qui rendront votre partie plus intéressante. Cependant, tout ce qui a trait aux quêtes annexes, mini-jeux etc est disponible dans des sections dédiés. Les choses à ne pas manquer seront marquées en utilisant un code de couleur: De plus.

Groupe Wantz - Route d'Aspach, 68700 Cernay - Tel: 03 89 75 88 07 | fax : 03 89 39 89 25 - Mentions légales-© 2013 - Site réalisé la société ANNEI - Cernay. Affiliates. Scene: Chapter 3. Location: Mt. Gagazet - Zanarkand Ruins. Dear Diary, Well, it appears that the conflict that's been brewing among the Ronso has come to a boil. When we got there Kimahri debriefed us. Garik was wanting to stir up rebellion against Kimahri's leadership and people were actually following Final Fantasy X - Jecht Spheres. Jecht Spheres are records of Braska's journey on his quest to defeat Sin. These spheres are needed so that Auron can lean new overdrives. Jecht Sphere. Location. Jecht Sphere 1. Macalania Woods, Spherimorph boss fight. Jecht Sphere 2. Besaid Village, right of Temple entrance

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