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These photos are also used in out online systems Prover and PropertySmarts, and can be viewed online by clicking here. Quickmap aerial photos are updated every 1 to 4 years across most of New Zealand, with Urban coverage flown at 0.075m to 0.125m pixel resolution, and rural areas flown at 0.2m to 0.4m pixel resolution. Christchurch (flown 2018-2019), New Plymouth (flown 2017), Tauranga (flown 2017) and Hamilton (flown 2017) was updated in Quickmap January 2020 Phone: 0800145554 or email: support@quickmap.co.nz 3. View the parcel details Click on the blue icon in in the middle of the property on the map to view more options. Select parcel details to show summary information of the parcel, all titles and properties (valuations) on that parcel Quickmap Expansion packs. Salesview ; Surveyview ; Survey Plans ; Aerial Imagery ; Other Products . PropertySmarts is an online property information system written exclusively for members of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand. Prover is an online property information system that provides access to national coverage of titles, sales, aerial imagery and council data. Footer menu. About Us. If you subscribe to Quickmap with monthly updates you are eligible for up to 6 complementary Prover s. If you subscribe to Quickmap with quarterly or bi-monthly updates you are eligible for 3 months free access. Contact us on 0800 145 554 or email support@quickmap.co.nz for more information If you are a Quickmap user who is not familiar with Prover, it is a web based product that provides most Quickmap data and can be used on any internet enabled device. It displays up to date property data (managed by us), including but not limited to

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Prover FAQ What is the difference between Prover and Quickmap? The main difference between Prover and Quickmap is that Prover runs inside your web browser, whereas. The QuickMap SalesView expansion pack adds additional property information and sales data to QuickMap and has been designed with Valuers, Property Investors and Real Estate Agents in mind. SalesView adds advanced filtering and reporting functionality to QuickMap to allow you to analyse the data in ways not normally possible with other systems on the market. Read more. Prover. Prover is New. QuickMap is New Zealand's market-leading desktop Geographical Information System (GIS), bundled with a comprehensive New Zealand wide property database. It delivers easy access to Titles, Aerial Photographs, Survey and topographic data and much more. Most Surveyors, Valuers, Real Estate Agents and Builders rely on QuickMap to help meet their property information needs. It is also used. Prover. Access the most up-to-date and comprehensive property data all over NZ, online from your phone, tablet or PC. Free survey plansavailable for download. Survey markand vector data. Location services: show your location on the map using your GPS enabled phone or tablet. Compare and report property data across New Zealand

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It is also used extensively by central and local government, utilities and others to help manage or administer their asset base through integrating their data into QuickMap. Prover Available under license to all, Prover provides a very easy to use integrated online tool with the market-leading title, owner and address search features, and incredible FREE to view online title previews

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