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Das Outcome zu verstehen ist mitunter ein sehr chaotischer Prozess, bei dem Dir die persönliche Auseinandersetzung mit dem Kunden, Formate wie Design Thinking oder auch Hackathons helfen. Wenn Du eine erste Idee oder Vision über dein gewünschtes Outcome hast, kannst Du daraus Rückschlüsse auf sinnvolle Outputs, Aktivitäten und benötigte Inputs ziehen. Techniker würden das ein reverse engineering nennen The outcome of the Kia Hackathon was based on the idea that the foundation of creativity lies in asking questions and curiosity is the greatest source of inspiration. Yet we teach children how to remember the right answers, not how to ask questions

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By observing the traditions of the hackathon, we nourish the roots that have supported the emergence of a strong community over the past decades. By embracing innovative events newly introduced to the community, we create more value throughout the ecosystem. By maintaining a distinction between disparate opportunities, we allow community members (individuals and companies) to more easily and deliberately optimize their experience and personal development We conducted participant observation with participants' understanding and consent; notes from the hackathon were qualitatively analyzed to document hackathon outcomes. Results: At the conclusion of the 28-hour hackathon event, five teams pitched nonpharmacological interventions to address the economic challenges of living with SLE. The winning team's pitch focussed on increasing accessibility of affordable sun-protective clothing. Other Waterlupus outcomes include increased awareness of SLE.

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Pega Community Hackathon 2021 Crushing complexity: bringing business and IT together Back by popular demand, the Pega Community Hackathon is back for 2021. This Hackathon is your chance to help simplify complex processes by bridging the gap between business and IT. The results are here Expected Outcomes. Try PhysiCell models online on nanoHUB (these may be useful for education!) Learn to build and explore PhysiCell models; Form a new team and build one of: A PhysiCell model of a cancer system. Examples could include clonal expansion and competition in colorectal carcinoma, immunotherapy, nanotherapy, angiogenesis, or something completely new by your team! A PhysiCell tool. A hackathon is a design sprint-like event; often, in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts, and others collaborate intensively on software projects. The goal of a hackathon is to create functioning software or hardware by the end of the event. Hackathons tend to have a specific focus, which can include the programming language used, the operating system, an. bSDD Hackathon outcomes and use case implementations on Vimeo Q: Is it possible that the hackathon outcomes could lead to angel funding or a job? A: The intent of this event isn't to identify angel funding or provide job leads, but you are collaborating with others so the new relationships you form could help you in many ways. You will undoubtedly learn new, marketable skills by being an active participant

Microsoft Hackathon 2015 winner extends OneNote to improve learning outcomes for students. By Athima Chansanchai 13 August, 2015. Education is a must-have ingredient for success. And to succeed in education, reading and writing is essential. The challenges that come with language barriers and learning disabilities such as dyslexia are vast and. Barmaz says the goal of the hackathon is to turn some of the ideas into real-life products, which has been the outcome of hackathons Expedia Group has done in the past. It's an exercise other travel brands can replicate, as well, says Malek. A lot of these problems are not something that's highlighted very often because a lot of them only target a very minority group of customers, but I.

Project:Hack takes place 3 times per year and brings together business analysts, project delivery experts and data scientists / analysts to push boundaries and develop innovative solutions to enhance project delivery outcomes. Working as part of a team, attendees tackle real world industry challenges using datasets from major players That's a wrap for the People Profession 2030 Hackathon! We kick-started week 1 (10-13 August) by asking what you thought the future might hold. After exploring the key themes impacting the world of work, we wrapped up the week by inviting you to predict further disruptive drivers and external factors influencing change over the next decade

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Sibos Hackathon. More than 50 developers from across the Sibos ecosystem formed teams to collaborate and showcase their ingenuity. The hackathon focused on three key challenges to explore how leveraging advanced analytic technologies such as machine learning and deep learning can deliver better customer outcomes and solve industry challenges DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-58157-2_4 Corpus ID: 221380861. What Do We Know About Hackathon Outcomes and How to Support Them? - A Systematic Literature Review @inproceedings{Angarita2020WhatDW, title={What Do We Know About Hackathon Outcomes and How to Support Them

Methods: Outcomes of 12 hackathons from 2012 to 2015 in India, Uganda and the USA were measured using emailed surveys. To minimise response bias, non-responding teams were coded as having made no progress. Results: 331 individuals provided information on 196 of 356 projects (55.1% response rate), with no difference in responses from teams participating in different countries (Cramer's V=0.09. Lesezeichen und Publikationen teilen - in blau! What Do We Know About Hackathon Outcomes and How to Support Them? - A Systematic Literature Review Outcome of the 2nd BETTER H2020 EO Big Data Hackathon. During the second and final H2020 EO Big Data Hackathon (22-29th of October 2020), over 20 distinct participants attended one or more of the four exercises. Participants virtually met technical BETTER partner members carry out practical exercises that build on the BETTER results, including. On October 18-19 of 2014, we held our fourth NuPIC Hackathon in San Jose at Pinger, Inc. It was a 36-hour event, starting at 10AM on Saturday, and ending with hack demos at 4PM Sunday afternoon. We started with a Kickoff presentation to go over hackathon protocol, then jumped right into hacking. There were some interesting themes this time

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To launch and/or fund new or existing businesses. To earn money and win prizes. This isn't to say that the second set of results can't or mustn't happen at a hackathon. But it is to say that they shouldn't be the focal point. This distinction is important, because hackathons have become pervasive in communities across the globe Hackathon - Geneva VCargo created a voice and Artificial Intelli-gence (AI) solution to automate the logistics of operation exceptions. The solution equips all the stakeholders in the value chain with a Proactive AI Enabled Digital Assistant (Voice Bot) to deal with Operations Disruptions or Unusual but high priority matters. VCargo also enables all kind of logistics queries and order. Organizations across the Healthcare industry feel the need to deliver better healthcare outcomes and to relieve pressure on limited resources. In the context of static business models and substantial regulatory burden, a new level of creativity and collaboration is necessary to successfully innovate, and to unlock the promise of (digital) technologies. ABOUT . Hack Healthcare is an Open.

Background Healthcare-focused hackathons are 48-hour platforms intended to accelerate novel medical technology. However, debate exists about how much they contribute to medical technology innovation. The Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) has developed a three-pronged model to maximise their effectiveness. To gauge the success of this model, we examined follow-up outcomes A hackathon is typically a one- or two-day session that brings people together to work on a big idea in a focused setting. Teams could be made up of internal developers and/or leaders, students or members of the general hacking community. Depending on the challenge, the outcome may be a prototype that an organization or team can build.

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Outcomes of the hackathon for humanitarian aid. Skip to content Skip to footer. Diensten Marktsectoren Thema's Onze organisatie Carrière Netherlands . Search . Afrique Francophone Albania Andorra Angola Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Barbados Belarus Belgium Belgique België Bermuda Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brasil British Virgin Islands Brunei Bulgaria. They then defined the outcomes that they needed from the hackathon based on company goals and existing company-wide priorities. Some examples of projects we worked on included replacing manual. Outcome of the VisHack II hackathon . Diese Seite ist nur in Englisch verfügbar. The team DataQuest won with their idea for a waste registration to tackle fishing waste on the Dutch coast. 18/03/2019. On 15 and 16 February 2019, The North Sea Foundation organised VisHack II - a hackathon that focused on fishing waste with the theme 'een afvalvrije visserij' (a waste-free fishery). The.

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  1. Metal Toad's Remote Work 2020 AWS Hackathon: Outcomes & Innovations . by Corinna Gelster-Borgardt , Director of Marketing and Brand. Filed under: Amazon Web Services (AWS) The dust has settled at the Toads' biannual hackathon, and what a ride it was! After 48 hours of designing, building, learning, and collaborating—plus an undisclosed amount of coffee—four teams created four working.
  2. Future Libraries Hackathon: outputs and outcomes 7 The Products 7 The Learning: what can the Public Sector gain from a Hackathon? 8 Sector Engagement 10 Practical Guidance for hosting a hackathon 13 Theme 13 Facilitation 14 Event Delivery Logistics 15 Follow up - Post Hackathon 18. Hackathons a practical guide 2 To address this need, the Carnegie UK Trust in partnership with the Scottish Li
  3. About the Hackathon The APSA Presidential Task Force on Women's Advancement held a Diversity and Inclusion Hackathon at the 2018 American Political Science Association Annual Meeting in Boston, chaired by Mala Htun and Alvin B. Tillery, Jr.. At the hackathon, teams developed strategies to address key challenges facing the profession, build partnerships, and plans to move forward
  4. metafor automated reports | Evidence Synthesis Hackathon. This function dynamically generates an analysis report (in html, pdf, or docx format) based on a model object. The report includes information about the model that was fitted, the distribution of the observed outcomes, the estimate of the average outcome based on the fitted model, tests.
  5. Hackathon outcomes: exciting MEC Apps and APIs developed! An award ceremony was organized at the Droidcon Italy 2020 conference. The MEC Hackathon winner, UniMore, showcased a project on Cognitive mobility at the Edge, an automotive application solution exploiting features and services provided by the 5G MEC architecture (including a MEC Location API) in order to deliver low-latency location.

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Outcomes of 12 hackathons from 2012 to 2015 in India, Uganda and the USA were measured using emailed surveys. To minimise response bias, non-responding teams were coded as having made no progress. Results. 331 individuals provided information on 196 of 356 projects (55.1% response rate), with no difference in responses from teams participating in different countries (Cramer's V=0.09, p=0.17. A dashboard that would link learning outcomes and factors that influence student performance to help put learning assessment data to use. An algorithm to identify ghost teachers who are still on payroll without attending classes to free up much-needed financial resources. These are some of the ideas set to come to life in January 2021 during the first-ever IIEP-UNESCO hackathon - Hacking. The COVID-19 world has led to many companies leveraging tech as a crisis response, and we know that hackathons inspire unique solutions. Hackers are working around the clock to come up with innovative solutions for a number of industries to combat the pandemic. The unprecedented wave of COVID-19 changed the way we look at retail, healthcare, finance, and investment. It altered the way we. The hackathon outcomes are not to be overlooked. The participating students gained new knowledge, skills and hopefully made new friends while MAHEPA project was enriched with new and fresh perspective on future development of hybrid-electric aircraft designs and future potential micro-feeder services. It can undoubtedly be said: We are all winners of MAHEPA design hackathon where the prize. At the hackathon, teams developed strategies to address key challenges facing the profession, build partnerships, and plans to move forward. View Team Outcomes Here I've been attending APSA meetings for 30 years. That was the most exciting room I've ever been in. Skip Lupia. University of Michigan and NSF The Hackathon generated enormously valuable ideas and a lot of energy and excitement.

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IAPT digital hackathon - February 2018 (.pdf) 26/02/2018. This slide deck offers a visual illustration of the outcomes from an event that explored new ways to offer and provide psychological therapies to Londoners. On 6 February 2018, health and care professionals from across London came together to explore ways to use digital innovations to. Given the amount of resources organizers and participants spend on each hackathon it thus appears surprising that little is known so far about how certain hackathon outcomes can be achieved and how to sustain them. In my talk I will focus on our work around understanding how preparation, execution and follow-up of hackathons can affect potential outcomes and foster their short- and long-term. About E-Hackathon Co-Creating a Healthier and Wealthier world At Prudential, our purpose is Innovating to Help Everyone Live Well. 2020 has been an extraordinary year. With a global pandemic still affecting millions of lives and livelihoods, we are opening up our annual PruFintegrate Open Innovation Challenge beyond the usual FinTechs, HealthTechs and MedTechs to the Design, student and other. Nonetheless, as evidenced by the initial outcomes, extended hackathons can serve as a compact and replicable model for introducing undergraduate students, graduate students, and young professionals to the process of medical innovation. The unique value of the extended hackathon is that it enables the best of both worlds, combining extensive medical innovation curricula normally spread out over. Hackathons provide an infusion of creative energy. The change in speed and perspective often leads to different paths with great outcomes that we would otherwise have missed. At Coda, we assemble the entire company four times per year (once per quarter) for a hackathon. Not only have some of our best ideas come of this tradition, but hackathons by nature also encourage unexpected teams to form.

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Background Current work Hackathon design aspects and outcomes Maria Angelica Medina Angarita, Alexander Nolte Hackathon overview Hackathon design aspects What are Hackathon design aspects? Hackathon Hackathon Duration Goal/Theme Embedding Repetition Kick off Participant's Team Siz Content in the hackathon included data queries, such as correlations between adverse events and concomitant medications, which couldn't be optimized by simple robotic process automation (RPA), says Zambas. More than 32 RPA projects were tackled by Pfizer in 2019 following a comprehensive process improvement exercise involving business analysts, business support groups, clinical development. Appmaking Hackathon for Educators: Findings and Outcomes. Mozilla . Mar 23 2015 At the hackathon, educators also identified a key need for an open curriculum package that explored more activities that can be mixed and mashed into workshops for youth or adults who want to design, remix and build their own mobile apps. To fulfill this request, we built the Appmaker For Educators teaching kit. From 17 - 21 March 2014, Naturalis and pro-iBiosphere hosted researchers and programmers from around the world to participate in the Data Enrichment Hackathon, an event to engage in intensive, collaborative software development to tackle outstanding issues in biodiversity informatics. Short demonstrations (15 min max.) on the outcomes of the Task Groups were presented on the 10th of June. Read the detailed notes: 2019:Hackathon/Outcomes. The hackathon showcase will be an opportunity for 30 hackathon participants to present their hackathon projects to all Wikimania participants. Presentations should be concise and understandable by non-technical Wikimania participants. The hackathon showcase will be held on Sunday afternoon during the main Wikimania conference and any hackathon.

Expected Outcomes . Access to new ideas & innovation: as hackathons are time-limited, they force participants to focus their efforts on addressing problem statements without the distractions of long-term planning and management. Hackathons are about coming together and creating something new. Supporting talent recruitment and selection: hackathons may well replace career fairs as spaces to. Our hackathon took place February 4-5, 2021 and consisted of fast-paced solutioning with a select group of over 100 health care collaborators spanning the 5 Points of Health Care™ and supporting experts. This unique hackathon sought applications from individuals who are interested in shaping the future care and payment models that align stakeholder incentives with better health outcomes


  1. ded peers to work problems and ideas on together for the hackathon and ideally beyond the event
  2. With combined technology and a shared roadmap, SAS and Microsoft are partnering to further shape the future of AI and analytics in the cloud. SAS and Microsoft Azure make it easy to run your data, analytics and AI workloads in the cloud. Now every person in every organization can unlock critical insights
  3. Outcome Document, High-Level Track Outcomes and Executive Brief, WSIS Stocktaking 2021 Global Report, WSIS Stocktaking The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response ICT Case Repository. WSIS Forum 2021 was made possible through the generous support of its strategic partners

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  1. It's an outcome which didn't occur in one night. It was months' hard work and it's time to look back . එය එක් රැයකින් සිදු වූ යමක් නොව මාස ගණනක වෙහෙසෙහි ප් ‍ රතිඵලයකි.මේ ඒ පිළිබඳව ආපසු හැරී බැලීමට කාලයයි
  2. The outcomes of these teams may then be assessed by a clear definition of endpoints achieved or not. Teams arriving at endpoints for the first round of Hackathon will then be engaged in the next round with mentorship from experts in the field across the globe. These specific outcomes will then be progressed to the next level of endpoints and so on so forth till the time a lead molecule is.
  3. Compete in this hackathon to identify risk factors related to substance use, and conditions indicative of underlying substance abuse. Successful clinical rules-based apps may contribute to improving people's health and well-being and may take home the grand prize. The Challenges. The prize winners will be chosen based on the best projects regardless of which challenge you choose, but your.
  4. Outcomes of the COVID-19 Hackathon. In this unprecedented time of COVID-19, ideaship participated in an international Hackathon, initiated by CoreNet Global group, alongside 1,000+ industry's leading experts from 35+ countries consisting of 122 teams to collaborate on six topics unique to the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) industry, including.
  5. Hackathons and similar time-bounded events, such as codefests, data dives, edit-a-thons, and others have become a global phenomenon. Hackathon Design Decisions and Their Effects on Hackathon Outcomes | ORN
  6. Outcome of the Joint H2020 EO Big Data Hackathon Between the 7-8th of November 2019, 45 technical and EO community members met in Frascati, Italy for the H2020 EO Big Data Hackathon. As one of the five EU-funded projects that jointly organised the hackathon (BETTER, CANDELA, EOPEN, OpenEO, EO-LEARN), BETTER was also responsible for the main coordination of the event

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  1. The outcome of a hackathon is only as good as the support provided. Our ambition is to provide the best possible options for the most promising solutions to continue evolve after the hackathon weekend - we rely on your supports as partners to make this happen! Please use the below form to specify how you would be able to support the most promising solutions, after the hackathon. We will.
  2. Emil IVOV, Jitsi's founder opened the ceremony with an enthusiastic welcome to everyone, saying how excited he was about the outcome of the hackathon: This is what I really love about open source, that thing, on a dime, on a moment's notice, we can get so much potential and so much work done with no significant preparation
  3. g out. We gave several educational presentations and held some working sessions. The participation from the attendees was outstanding. A panoramic view of the hackathon space at Tagged. Thanks again to Tagged, who generously donated some of their.
  4. Outcome of the VisHack II hackathon . Tento obsah je dostupný len v angličtine. The team DataQuest won with their idea for a waste registration to tackle fishing waste on the Dutch coast. 18/03/2019. On 15 and 16 February 2019, The North Sea Foundation organised VisHack II - a hackathon that focused on fishing waste with the theme 'een afvalvrije visserij' (a waste-free fishery). The.
  5. Prototypes developed at hackathons can be launching pads for new ideas and products. #1: Get the basics right. Here we're going to cover the basics of planning a hackathon. You can actually apply most of the advice in this tip to any hackathon. We'll cover the specifics for an ML hackathon later in the post. Define your goal

World's only Outcome Based Hackathon Company Hackmania for the last few years, has believed and worked towards disrupting the hackathon space utilising it's innovative platform and a one of its kind hands-on experience. We help companies, organisations, governments and colleges to innovate, co-create and build technological solutions focused towards solving real world problems. Attend A. Polar to Global Online Interoperability and Data Sharing Workshop/Hackathon 8th June 2021 3 May 2021 Polar to Global Online Interoperability and Data Sharing Workshop/Hackathon 8th April 2021. Outcomes 14 Apr 2021 Polar to Global Online Interoperability and Data Sharing Workshop/Hackathon 8th April 2021 16 Feb 202 Hackathon Outcome. by Matthew Taylor, Open Source Manager The first NuPIC Hackathon occurred over the past weekend, ending with eight demo applications from ten different participants. Even though there were some struggles getting NuPIC building and running on different platforms (we anticipated that), I consider this event a success based on the number of demonstrations ready within 24 hours. Likewise, Olson et al. examined the outcomes of 12 international hackathons hosted between 2012 and 2015, citing new company formation, venture funding raised, and clinical trials conducted as key success metrics . Healthcare hackathons have the potential to accelerate medical innovation by propelling novel solutions to the market as evident from these outcomes studied thus far. However. Looking for advices to optimise your hackathon outcome? Check out our selection of tips. THE PRIZES-The winning team of each challenge will receive: 3,000 € + High Level Incubation + More surprises. 7pm: Official launch of the hackathon. Friday, April 6th. 1. 6pm: Mid-term presentations. AGENDA-Saturday, April 7th. 2. 2pm: Final demos 4pm: Announcement of the results. Sunday, April 8th. 3.

Aftermovie and outcomes report Hackathon. U kunt deze video niet bekijken, omdat u cookies van YouTube niet heeft geaccepteerd. Verander uw instellingen om de video alsnog te bekijken. On the 30th of October, the European Liberal Forum organized the Hackathon 'Hacking Europe's Future', with support of D66 International. The Hackathon 'Hacking Europe's Future' was an immersive one. Expected outcomes. an informal network of 100 EuroChangeMakers (ECM); 18 national hackthons and 1 European hackathons on civic engagement debating the Future of Europe; 1 digital platform aggregating the contents produced in the project (including social media); 1 White paper published diseminated to relevant policy-makers (90 national, 30 European level). Main activities. online kickoff.

The #WirVsVirus hackathon event in Germany has been initiated by the government to compensate the lockdown-related absence of physical innovation experiences. By analyzing the data set of projects initialized during the hackathon event (n = 1,499), plus the qualitative survey feedback from 956 participants, we found that the learning curve as well as the individual learning outcome for the. Dr. Philipp Gneiting. Head of Open Innovation and STARTUP AUTOBAHN. Watch Video. For India's largest drone hackathon we wanted a single platform to seamlessly manage application, shortlisting & mentoring with a distributed team. Incubatehub's whitelabeled platform & outreach helped us get 2200+ registrations & 600+ quality submissions Hackathon outcome #django #fidorbank #founders #cph - suneg/fidor-banking-hackathon TALLINN, Estonia - May 25, 2021 - Eventornado, an all-in-one hackathon platform, has become the catalyst for social change worldwide. The platform brings people with big ideas together to create new solutions using the power of technology that impacts social change, increasing sustainability, fighting global warming, and combating racism one hack at a time About the Hackathon The APSA Presidential Task Force on Women's Advancement held a Diversity and Inclusion Hackathon at the 2018 American Political Science Association Annual Meeting in Boston, chaired by Mala Htun and Alvin B. Tillery, Jr. At the hackathon, teams developed strategies to address key challenges facing the profession, build.

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  1. Hackathons catch on for creativity, education, and networking. Physics and astronomy communities take a page from data-science and tech worlds to hold events of feverish teamwork. In November 2019, 25 teams of students assembled at Argonne National Laboratory to take part in the CyberForce competition to defend and bolster energy infrastructure
  2. ated our one risk - a huge relief for me. Kiran has been in contact with people from Deep Mind, KCL and Hanson Robotics through Acorn, not to mention getting great exposure to design thinking, Agile, visits to companies across London. Elena is an incredible catalyst for.
  3. A research hackathon is similar to a conference in duration and cost, but it yields much better research outcomes. Here is why. Most researchers mistakenly think that it takes at least a year to develop a good publishable research paper. No. It takes about a 100 hours to develop a good publishable research paper. The problem is that we never can find those 100 hours and thus we put in a couple.
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This monthlong, virtual hackathon with cross-industry and cross-country teams - sometimes involving the partners' clients directly, as well as students - has had multiple positive outcomes: Encouraged belonging, efficient enablement and learning by doing to build new skills. Created curiosity to try out new, innovative SAS technology Educational Materials. To help maximize your hackathon experience and outcome, we have curated some materials to help get you started: Missed any of our NurseHack4Health Workshops? Check out our archive of recorded sessions here. Learn more about preparing for our hackathon with our Nurse Innovation Hackathon Skills and Resources site Hackathons are fast-moving events that energize and accelerate ideas that are changing the world. I'm proud our platform brought people together during a global pandemic that helped change the. Hackathons often function as stages for start-ups or as talent shows for recruiters. In addition to these commercial hackathons, there are some that deal with social challenges. One such event was.

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