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Der Stablecoin ist eine globale und digitale Kryptowährung mit einer geringen Volatilität (Preisstabilität) und Dezentralität. Er ist direkt an einen anderen stabilen Vermögenswert (z.B. den US-Dollar oder Gold) gebunden, wodurch er Stabilität für den täglichen Zahlungsverkehr darstellt (5) A stablecoin is a new class of cryptocurrencies that attempts to offer price stability and are backed by a reserve asset. Stablecoins have gained traction as they attempt to offer the best of both.. A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is designed to fluctuate as little as possible from a specific value. The most popular stablecoins use the U.S. dollar as a benchmark and maintain a price very close to $1 if they are functioning as intended. Of course, there are also stablecoins pegged to other currencies such as the euro or the Japanese yen

USDP Stablecoin Kursentwicklung 24-Stunden Der aktuelle USDP Stablecoin-Preis liegt heute bei 1.01 $ mit einem 24-Stunden-Handelsvolumen von 4,223,543 $. USDP Stablecoin ist in den letzten 24 Stunden um 0.25% gestiegen. Im aktuellen Ranking nach Marktkapitalisierung liegt USDP Stablecoin mit 250,854,336 $ auf Platz #167 Proprietary-Stablecoin Stablecoins sind eigentlich so etwas wie ein Berechtigungsschein (Scrip). In den USA ist ein Scrip ein nicht auf dem US-Dollar basierendes privates Geld, das nur in einem geschlossenen oder geografisch begrenzten System benutzt wird. Es kann auch nicht direkt durch US-Dollars substituiert werden

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that attempts to peg its value to the value of another asset, including fiat currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The most popular types of stablecoins track the value of fiat currencies, including US dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR) Stablecoins are the revolutionary category of cryptocurrencies that came with the promise of offering the best of both in the crypto world. The concept is based on facilitating cryptocurrency that is backed up by central monetary authorities Put simply, a stablecoin is a cryptocurrency token that has one key characteristic - it is pegged to the value of a fiat currency. For example, the first and still de-facto stablecoin in the market is Tether (USDT). This stablecoin is pegged to USD and supposedly backed by US dollar reserves Bitcoin: Der Stablecoin Tether als möglicher Black Swan für die Krypto-Märkte - und wie man damit umgehen kann 17.01.21, 15:19 onvist Bitcoin: Wird der Krypto-Markt mit dem Stablecoin Tether manipuliert? 26.06.19, 20:11 onvista. Seit Anfang April ist der Bitcoin aus dem Krypto-Winter erwacht und der Preis hat sich seitdem.

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Wie aus einer Pressemitteilung hervorgeht, trägt der geplante Stablecoin von Facebook ab sofort einen anderen Namen. Wie die Libra Association mitteilt, wird die Kryptowährung fortan unter der Bezeichnung Diem firmieren. Um das Bild eines neuen Tagesanbruchs zu vervollständigen, wird die zugehörige Organisation fortan Diem Association heißen. Auch einige Personalien haben sich in. MakerDAO's stablecoin, Multi-collateral DAI supports multiple assets including cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, precious metals, etc. Risks of stablecoins. stablecoins can be risky Risks of algorithmic stablecoins. The riskiest part about algorithmic stablecoins is that it is backed by nothing but an algorithm that tries to balance itself out. Now, in economics there is no such thing as. Stablecoin EURB auf Euro. Einen Schritt weiter sind die Firmen Bitbond und das Bankhaus von der Heydt - sie haben im Dezember in einer Pressemitteilung einen privaten Stablecoin auf Basis des Euros angekündigt. Der EURB basiert auf dem Stellar Blockchain Netzwerk. Der Stablecoin EURB kann sowohl von Kunden des Bankhauses als auch von. Mar 10, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. UTC Updated Mar 10, 2021 at 10:40 p.m. UTC Compliant Stablecoin Launches in New Zealand A New Zealand-based firm says it has created the country's first compliant.

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  1. Stablecoin Terra (LUNA)'s Market Cap Keeps Climbing — Will It Take You to the Moon? By Mark Prvulovic. Apr. 6 2021, Updated 4:58 p.m. E
  2. The biggest stablecoin still, by far, is Tether, which is also the most infamous, and also the stablecoin that's closest to being a household name. It's at the center of many cryptocurrency conspiracies and theorizing. And then the next biggest is USDC, created by the company Circle
  3. imum viable project based around a U.S. dollar stablecoin. It will be integrated, via Fireblocks and First.
  4. EUR to Stablecoin. Binance.com. Close. 2. Posted by 2 months ago. EUR to Stablecoin. Binance.com. Hi, I'm still new in the crypto market and my fiat currency is EUR. My doubt is if when I deposit EUR into my account, should I convert this EUR to USDT or to another stable coin before I buy another coin? Or I just should buy directly using the EUR pair? It's true that I can't buy all coins using.
  5. As a matter of fact, TITAN is pegged with the partially collateralized stablecoin IRON, which, in turn, is 75% backed by USDC. In its post-mortem report, however, Iron Finance had claimed that there were no rug pull or exploits. The project further asserted that what happened was just the worst thing that could possibly ever happen considering the tokenomics. With respect to.
  6. A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that attempts to peg its value to the value of another asset, including fiat currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The most popular types of stablecoins track the value of fiat currencies, including US dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR). With the cryptocurrency market being as volatile and chaotic as it is, stablecoins have certainly tapped into a market of.
  7. At bottom, all stablecoin design is pretty simple. I'm going to show you a simple visual language to understand how all stablecoins work. Think of each stablecoin protocol as a bank. They each.

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  1. ology. While many different definitions of stablecoins exist, we highlight the one given by the ECB: [Stablecoins are defined as] digital units of value that are not a form of any specific currency (or basket thereof) but rely on a set of stabilization tools which are supposed to
  2. Among the analysed stablecoin initiatives, there is an almost equal amount of on-chain collateralised and algorithmic stablecoins, the former generally showing a higher maturity than the latter. Out of twelve active on-chain collateralised stablecoin initiatives, seven (i.e. 54%) are operational, whereas the same is true only for two out of eleven active algorithmic stablecoins (i.e. 18%.
  3. Der Bitcoin-Boom wird maßgeblich vom Geldfluss über den sogenannten Stablecoin Tether angetrieben. Doch dessen Dollar-Deckung steht in Zweifel, warnt nicht nur Fed-Gouverneurin Brainard. Der.
  4. A stablecoin's features or the way it is used could mean that it falls under several categories at any one time or at different points in its lifecycle. Stablecoins can exhibit a wide range of different features. This means that stablecoins can, depending on their structure, fall within or outside a variety of different regulatory frameworks for financial instruments or services. Similarly.
  5. A few popular stablecoin tracking sites have their own unique approaches to categorizing the various types of stablecoins, but for this article I'm going to use my own approach to classifying stablecoins. Most decentralized stablecoin monetary systems fall into one of two design categories: collateralized and non-collateralized economies. But.

As an extension of High-Yield Crypto Accounts: 6% Interest in Bitcoin or 9% Interest on Stablecoin, I'm trying to better understand the potential scenarios that might cause loss of principal.Even if you're tired of crypto talk, you should be aware that newer savings account apps exist that advertise high interest rates to mainstream customers while playing down their lack of FDIC. Dai ist ein Stablecoin, der nebenbei einen Kreditmarkt schafft - oder umgekehrt. Der Maker-Vertrag, der die Basis von Dai ist, dürfte der wichtigste Smart Contract auf Ethereum sein. Er demonstriert, dass die Idee einer Dezentralen Autonomen Organisation (DAO) kein Wolkenschloss ist, sondern mächtige Anwendungen zeugen kann. Für die Wertbasis von Ether dürfte der Maker-Contract ei

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What is a Stablecoin Summary. Stablecoins are an attempt to create a cryptocurrency that isn't volatile. A stablecoin's value is pegged to a real world currency, also known as fiat currency. For example, the Stablecoin known as Tether, or USDT, is worth 1 US dollar and is expected to maintain this peg no matter what The stablecoin price is always $1, and BUSD is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services. BUSD is ranked at 33 on CoinMarketCap as of Jan. 8, 2021. You can buy Binance USD on Binance, and redeem the Binance stablecoin from Paxos. BUSD has the same function as any stablecoin — to help crypto traders in the volatile crypto markets by providing a cryptocurrency with a. If a stablecoin arrangement reaches a global scale (becoming a global stablecoin), any malfunctioning could pose a risk to financial stability. The G7 Working Group on Stablecoins has analysed and identified a vast array of risks to and from global stablecoin arrangements. Without prejudice to issues and risks that may arise in other parts of a stablecoin ecosystem, we focus our. Some stablecoin like USDT and USDC are pegged to the dollar by holding a basket of dollar-denominated assets, Titan token is a hybrid of algorithmic stablecoins, which use a dual-currency structure in an attempt to hold a peg by creating arbitrage opportunities between coins. The token crashed because it had become overpriced and people began to sell, thereby triggering a high amount of.

But a stablecoin obviously shouldn't fluctuate in value. There's only one way to resolve this catch-22: over-collateralize the stablecoin so it can absorb price fluctuations in the collateral Konzipiert als Stablecoin sollte Libra an einen Währungskorb, bestehend aus Dollar, Euro, Pfund, Yen und Singapur-Dollar, gekoppelt werden. Mittlerweile wurde das Krypto-Projekt von Libra in Diem (Dezember 2020) umbenannt , der zentrale Sitz wurde von der Schweiz wieder in die USA verlegt und der US-Dollar bleibt fürs Erste die einzige abzubildende Landeswährung für den Stablecoin I'm going to tell you my stablecoin prediction for 2021. And the best way you can enter the cryptoverse for amazing gains. Invest in Seriously High Demand . When centralized exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase became popular in 2017, it sparked a sudden flood of demand for stablecoins. This caused the amount in circulation to explode from $9 million to $1.4 billion in 2017 alone. By the.

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If stablecoin providers held client assets at the central bank, clients would indirectly be able to hold, and transact in, central bank liabilities—the essence, after all, of a central bank digital currency. In practice, the coins would remain the liability of private issuers, and client assets would have to be protected against the bankruptcy of the stablecoin provider. This synthetic. MakerDAO enables the generation of Dai, the world's first unbiased currency and leading decentralized stablecoin

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  1. Mark Cuban's Call For Stablecoin Regulation. In response to the bank of Iron Finance, Cuban has called out for stablecoin regulations, the bank run being an example of why regulations are needed. The ideas concerning how the regulations should become established and expressed go as follows: Should we require $1 in U.S. currency for every dollar or define acceptable collateralization options.
  2. According to Mimo's Growth Manager, Nick Calabro, this will be the first part of a series of bullish updates for the DeFi euro-stablecoin project. With the new official listing of MIMO and PAR on Bittrex Global, this marks Mimo DeFi's biggest listing on a CEX (centralized exchange) to date! This can only spell bullish signs [
  3. utes by Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel on May 21, 2021 Altcoins SINGAPORE, May 21, 2021 — HaloDAO , a decentralized finance protocol designed to address the growing demand for stablecoins, has closed a $3.5 million seed investment round led by Parataxis Capital
  4. Der Stablecoin Tether und die Kryptobörse Bitfinex müssen 18,5 Millionen US-Dollar Strafe zahlen und dürfen in New York nicht mehr handeln
  5. The biggest stablecoin still, by far, is Tether, which is also the most infamous, and also the stablecoin that's closest to being a household name. It's at the center of many cryptocurrency conspiracies and theorizing. And then the next biggest is USDC, created by the company Circle. The easiest way to think about a stablecoin is that it's like a money market fund meets a bearer.
  6. StableCoins. 534 likes · 7 talking about this. We share info & data about the new #stablecoins market

Facebook's New Stablecoin Aims a 'Big Comedown' from Grand Libra Plans. By Tim Alper. May 13, 2021. Source: Adobe/Ascannio. Once heralded as the future of global finance, it appears that the Facebook -led Diem project (formerly Libra) is now set to launch in the United States as a USD-pegged stablecoin. In a press release, Facebook and. Der heute verfügbare EURB ist der erste Stablecoin, der direkt von einem Bankinstitut auf Stellar ausgegeben wird, und einer der ersten seiner Art auf dem Kryptomarkt. BVDH, das seit 1754 aktiv ist, hat sich vor allem auf die Betreuung institutioneller Kunden bei Verbriefungstransaktionen spezialisiert. Zur Umstellung des Verbriefungsgeschäfts auf DLT-Technologie erwies sich die White-Label. Once it gets there, he thinks it'll stay there. I kind of think that it might level off at $1 and become somewhat like a stablecoin, where you can use it, you can save it, it's going to stay pegged, Cuban said at the Ethereal Virtual Summit, powered by Decrypt, on Thursday. Now, for a while it will go down to 60, to 70, to 80 [cents]

Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency whose value is pegged to less volatile assets like fiat currencies, collaterals, other cryptocurrencies, a basket of goods in a consumer price index, precious metals or oil. Some stablecoin projects even attempt to fix a steady value using algorithms. The general idea of a stablecoin is to produce a crypto asset whose value isn't prone to extreme volatility. I had just learned about the revolutionary stablecoin protocol in development and I wanted to share my excitement and then come back later with some better information for you guys. Well, I'm back now. It's time for an update. The Babelfish project and community are as awesome as I had expected. They are among the very first projects starting. PAR Stablecoin event: Listing on Bittrex on June 18, 2021. PAR Stablecoin PAR future and past events

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One important point revealed, however, is that the Libra aims to be a stablecoin. This is one of the most important problems of other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The value of the Libra will be based on a basket of stable assets. The composition of such a basket could vary over time in response to significant changes in market conditions. Libra creation should work as follows. Initial. I . A b o u t US DJ S t a b l e co i n I I . US DJ S t a b l e co i n S yst e m I I I . Use Co l l a t e ra l i ze d De b t P o si t i o n s (CDP s) t o G e n e ra t e US D Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für stablecoin im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc (Deutschwörterbuch) dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'stablecoin' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,. Dai (or DAI) is a stablecoin cryptocurrency which aims to keep its value as close to one United States dollar (USD) as possible through an automated system of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.Dai is maintained and regulated by MakerDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) composed of the owners of its governance token, MKR, who may vote on changes to certain parameters in.

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  1. Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin, a type of cryptocurrency which aims to keep cryptocurrency valuations stable. Tether is used by crypto investors who want to avoid the extreme volatility of other.
  2. It is posited in this paper that a digital cryptocurrency adopting elastic monetary standard is Hayek Money, so named from the Nobel Prize-winning economist: a good money standard providing stable prices for a new economic era. Keywords: bitcoin, Hayek, cryptocurrency, inflation, deflation, monetary policy, Hayek money
  3. g blockchain platforms, today announced it has issued the first USD-pegged KRC20 token. The KRC20 USD stablecoin is being made possible via a three-way collaboration between VNDC, Nami Exchange, and KardiaChain. KUSD-T will [
  4. Kinh doanh Kinh tế số. Mỹ lo ngại khi giá trị vốn hóa stablecoin vượt 100 tỷ USD. Thứ tư, 16/6/2021 20:59 (GMT+7) 1 phút trước; Các nghị sĩ và quan chức Cục Dự trữ Liên bang Mỹ (FED) bày tỏ sự lo ngại khi giá trị vốn hóa của stablecoin vượt 100 tỷ USD vào cuối tháng 5

redemption value.2 A stablecoin promising a fixed redemption value (e.g., Tether) has a fixed face value in fiat currency at which it is initially sold (e.g., one U.S. dollar), and the holder can redeem the stablecoin on demand for that amount. Stablecoins offering variable value redemption do not have a fixed redemption amount, instea A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency whose value is pegged to a real and stable asset like gold or fiat currencies, in order to combat the price volatility experienced by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether. A cryptocurrency is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency that allows for instant and anonymous payments to anyone in the world. Cryptocurrencies use encryption keys, thereby. Seignorage-Style Stablecoin. Seignorage are the only category of stablecoins which are not backed by any asset. Seignorage-style coins utilize an algorithmically governed approach to expanding and contracting a stablecoin's money supply, just like how a central bank prints or destroys money. As the total demand for the coins increases, new supply of stablecoins are created to reduce price. mStable's SWAP is a source of stablecoin liquidity for the 1inch DEX aggregator. An open & decentralised ecosystem. mStable is governed by MTA holders who have staked their tokens to vote on proposals. mStable's governance goes through a process where consensus is reached in progressively concrete stages. Proposals and ideas are surfaced on the Discord or public forum, and are finalised by on. A money flow of stablecoin transferred to and from exchange wallets to evaluate investors' behavior. All metrics are compared with Bitcoin USD price. Sign Up to see most recent data and higher resolution charts

The author considers the legal and economic nature of stablecoin, the development stages of low-volatility assets, describes the existing models of their implementation in the public and private sectors. Particular attention is paid to the assessment of legal risks of mono-secured and multi-secured cryptocurrency on the example of projects in Venezuela and Russia, as well as the possibility of. Other algorithmic stablecoins are even further away from their $1 target pegs. CoinTelegraph reported that Ampleforth (AMPL) fell to $0.48 on May 23rd, its lowest level in an entire year. On the other hand, the Ether-backed RAI algorithmic stablecoin has managed to stay relatively close to its target peg of $3 throughout the market crash stablecoin arrangements are largely untested and give rise to a risks and issues, including those host of related to monetary policy transmission, financial stability, and the smooth functioning of the global payment system and the extent to which it is trusted by the public, as well as other public policy priorities. Therefore, at their meeting on 1718 July 2019- , the G7 Finance Ministers. Stablecoin issuers would need to meet capital and liquidity rules, and offer deposit insurance. The BoE is among major central banks across the world revving up work on issuing digital cash, a move aimed at fending off potential threats to traditional money and making payments systems smoother. The People's Bank of China is leading the charge, and the U.S. Federal Reserve last month said it.

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Mark Cuban has been a huge supporter and investor in the DeFi space. He wrote a blog in which he expressed his support for DeFi on Sunday. He stated, I'm going to make this as simple and straightforward an explanation as I can.Yield Farming via Staking and Liquidity Providing are a core feature of most, if not all Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects Stablecoin Adoption. I was perusing the crypto markets today and noticed that Tether, the grandfather of all stablecoins, is approaching a $10bn market cap, making it the third most valuable crypto asset after Bitcoin and Ethereum. I also noticed that USDC, the US Dollar stablecoin that Circle and our portfolio company Coinbase are behind, is. Stablecoin Tether schafft den Stockerlplatz - XRP abgeschlagen auf Platz vier. 24. Dezember 2020, 07:00. 23. Dezember 2020, 17:23. Tether (UDST) hat als weltweit größter Stablecoin die Banken-Kryptowährung Ripple (XRP) im Ranking der Marktkapitalisierung überholt. Dies kommt zu einem entscheidenden Zeitpunkt, denn der Markt für.

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USDC is another stablecoin backed by the U.S. dollar. It was launched in 2018 by Coinbase and Circle. These are centralized stablecoins, which means the stablecoin is held by an entity or exchange. JPM Coin is a digital coin designed to make instantaneous payments using blockchain technology. Read mor

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A stable coin is a cryptocurrency pegged to another stable asset, like gold or the U.S. dollar. It's a currency that is global, but is not tied to a central bank and has low volatility PayPal rumors fuel thoughts of stablecoin support. PayPal is reportedly looking to launch the stablecoin with a third-party partnership rather than building it from scratch—likely to get it up. The stablecoin plans are a significant step back from Facebook's original crypto ambitions. Diem is moving from Switzerland to the U.S. Facebook's long-delayed cryptocurrency plans took a modest step forward on Wednesday when the project it is backing, the Diem Association, announced it would launch a U.S. stablecoin Circle's three-year old stablecoin, USDC, has handled more than $500 billion in payments in the past 12 months, and has expanded to about 12 billion coins in circulation. Circle also recently added Visa as a partner. Visa will support USDC for the card brand's global platform and merchant network, and Circle's account and API users can access a stablecoin payout on a range of Visa's partner.

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This week we dive into Tether, a stablecoin playing an important role in disrupting the legacy financial system, recently announced to be launching on Polkadot. Joe Petrowski, (Technical Integrations Lead, Web3 Foundation) speaks with Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex and Tether. They discuss stablecoin trends, regulation and compliance with central banks, CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies. NZD Stablecoin (NZDs) Whitepaper Introduction Overthelasttenyears,digitalassetshaveevolvedfromasinglecryptocurrency, Bitcoin, to a variety of other offerings.

stablecoin-api v1.0.0. Node Module for generating stable coin addresses, checking balance and making transfers. NPM. README. GitHub. Website. ISC. Latest version published 1 year ago. npm install stablecoin-api. Explore Similar Packages. multicoin-address-validator 71 / 100. HaloDAO stablecoin marketplace raises $3.5M in seed investments. HaloDAO, a decentralized trading platform for hoarded coins, has raised $ 3.5 million in initial investment and is paving the way for a one-stop DeFi exchange, lending and lending system. HaloDAO was founded by former ConsenSys employees and aims to develop liquid stablecoin.

Currently, Tether is the most widely used stablecoin with a market cap of $52 billion. In recent times, the demand for the Tether stablecoin has touched new record highs. Over the last year, the circulating supply of Tether has multiplied 10x citing strong investor demand in the crypto space. courtesy: Glassnode . Coinbase says that its decision to adding support for USDT stablecoin comes amid. Abstract. Stablecoins promise to bridge fiat currencies with the world of cryptocurrencies. They provide a way for users to take advantage of the benefits of digital currencies, such as ability to transfer assets over the internet, credibly commit to minting schedules, and enable new asset classes, while also partially mitigating their volatility risks

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Introducing Multi-Pegs the evolution of Algorithmic Stablecoin. bEarn Fi. Mar 31 · 5 min read. Dear Community! We know that there have been A LOT of questions regarding Multi-Pegs and speculations surrounding the idea as to why Multi-Pegs will be introduced. We can see the Excitement, we also appreciate the Patience of the Community. So what is Multi-Pegs? Before looking into the Multi. By Amara Khatri. Platinum Egg, Node Partner for IOST and game developer, has announced a Japanese Yen-pegged stablecoin, IRC-20 JPYA, based on the IOST blockchain. The JPYA stablecoin is pegged 1:1 to the Yen and can be purchased with IOST, BTC, ETH, and Yen. The stablecoin is the result of a long-term partnership between Platinum Egg and IOST Tether's USDT stablecoin will be launching on the Avalanche blockchain; Avalanche is a scalable smart contracts platform that's compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine; When USDT goes live on Avalanche, it will be available across 9 blockchain platforms; USDT is coming to Avalanche . The world's largest stablecoin USDT will be launching on the Avalanche blockchain platform, according to. n c i l - a n d - t h e - c o m m i s s i o n - o n - s t a b l e c o i ns/ ) und der vom Financial Stability Board am 14. April 2020 zur öffentlichen Konsultation gestellte Bericht Add-ressing the regulatory, supervisory and oversight challenges raised by ‚global stablecoin' arrangements (vgl. https:// w w w . f s b . o r g / 2 0 2. Literally, stablecoin refers to a cryptocurrency with stable value. Due to the large price fluctuation in the crypto currency market, investors need an exchange medium to connect digital currency with fiat currency, and the stablecoin was born. The most widely accepted stablecoin is USDT. It is a token based on the stable value currency U.S. Dollar (USD) launched by Tether Operations Limited.

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Users can also stake their BID tokens and support the Bidao network. The stablecoin BAI is an algorithmic stablecoin that is pegged 1:1 to the US-Dollar. Bidao + MATIC = . Bidao is implementing MATIC as a collateral asset. This means that MATIC can be locked up in CDPs to generate the BAI stablecoin. Using M A TIC as collateral is very easy. At first, the MATIC is locked up in the CDP. In. A staking stablecoin is something really new for the market, something that can disrupt crypto investments. The ability to earn 12-15% transparently, with full control of your funds, without giving your coins to a centralized exchange — it's very liberating. I was looking for an investment vehicle that would yield more than the traditional money markets. I like USDN staking more than crypto.

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